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-  Cash Nelson

From: Alex Sampson, Founder Bass Guitar Tips
Re: Lesson 1 - The Secret of the Groove Suck!
Wednesday, 9:43 a.m.

Dear Friend,

Do your bass lines ever bore you sometimes?

Well here's some quick advice anyone can apply right away...

If you ever find yourself stuck in a rut for new and exciting ways to spice up your bass lines there's an unusual but easy-to-apply method I accidentally stumbled across that has produced shocking results in my own playing...

It's called 'The Secret of the Groove Suck' and what makes it so freakin' powerful and so darn 'fast-acting' is because it's a tactic based on something most of us already know, but in a radical new way you've never quite 'heard' it before...

“You’re About To Learn A Secret Most Bassists
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In this first, ABSOLUTELY FREE lesson (complete with a whopping 16 MP3 audio tracks) I'll teach you...

How I first stumbled over 'The Secret of the Groove Suck' totally by accident while listening to one of my favorite bass heroes play years ago -- It was like a miracle... It hit me like a metal Frisbee to the nose bridge and INSTANTLY revolutionized my playing...

How to filter out the most powerful 'hypnotic hooks' that lie hidden in every song and use them to construct killer bass lines -- Even without learning more notes or more scales!

Where to download a breakthrough new piece of software I am now convinced every electric bassist MUST own -- Not one in 1,000 players even know about this but after using it I was floored! I have never seen anything like it, and I guarantee it will light a fire under your bass playing starting tonight!

The little known 'edge' the world's top electric bassists have known about for years -- It deals with how to really see the notes on the bass and has everything to do with developing advanced groove power fast...
Advice to the beginner and intermediate bassists who want to create more groovy bass lines but don't know where to start -- Page 6 teaches an irresistible additive most people don't realize makes more of your bass grooves sound world class than any other single ingredient
How to take even the tiniest amount of music theory knowledge and most basic understanding of which note is which and leverage it like crazy to create truly burning bass lines...
And a surprisingly simple way to sucker punch yourself when you just can't seem to break free of playing lame bass lines...

...and all of this is just your first lesson!

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"...Perhaps The Single
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